Walk-In Test at Cisco

Last saturday, I went for a Walk In for experienced professionals at CISCO, Marathahlli, Bangalore. Call was for Embedded C/RTOS professionals having experience of 3 to 7 years. They asked us to wait for some more people to come, and then called for the test.
Test was for 1hour and there was around 10 questions. All questions were C-programs/C snippets which contains one or two logical errors. We were instructed to mark the error on the same sheet and describe the mistake.
Programms were based on data structures, string handling, arrays, dynamic memmory allocation etc which includes lot of pointer operations, function call and return. There was one program based on unix function calls like open, read, write which I was not familiar.
They told us that, I we are short listed, then they will be informing in one week, because the openings are in Chennai location. So the paper will be sent to Chennai location where it will be evaluated.
Now awaiting resopnse..

On May 5th 2011 I got a call from CISCO asking me to attend the interview... thet send my this e-mail

Thanks for showing interests in pursuing job opportunities with Cisco Systems in Chennai.  
We would like to meet you for a person discussion and the details for the meeting are given below:
Date                            07th May 2011
Time                            12.30 PM
Venue                          Cisco Systems ( India ) Private Limited
Divyasree Chambers 
B Wing 
O'Shaugnessy Road 
Bangalore - 560027 
Phone: +91 80 4103 3000
Land Mark                     Shantinagar and Behind Hockey Stadium.  
Contact Person            
Contact No.                       
Plz get your updated resumes along and If you have appeared for Interview within 6 months, pls ignore this mail
Please acknowledge this mail as your confirmation.

Job Description
Job Description

·         Strong Programming fundamentals
·         - Strong Analytical and Logical skills
·         - Strong C programming skills
·         - Strong software debugging skills
·         - Experience on multi-threading embedded systems
·         - Strong RTOS and/or Linux concepts
·         - Software High level Design experience and skills
·         - Should have worked on large scale projects
·         - Experience working on video technologies OR embedded set top boxes
·         - Can understand architectures and define designs
·         - Strong communication skills
·         - Desire to Learn

Yesterday(7 May 2011), I attented the interview.. It was a 1:1 interview. They asked about my previous experience, but when I started explaining they showed lack of interest, since my experience was on automotive embedded domain. Then I was told to write two C-programs.
1) To print a two dimensional array(square matrix) in the diagonaly
2) To print the contents of a simple linked list in the reverse order (without using multiple traversal and memory )

I was not able to write the answer to the second question as I was not so familier with data structures, I wrote program to reverse the linked list. I was told to leave after that..

I dont have much hope that they might call.. but still awaiting for a response.

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