MINI ARM7 KIT - ARM developement board Review

I was trying to start working with ARM microcontroller for long time. I thought it will be better to buy one developement borad to start. Since it is only for hobby purpose, I did not want to invest much on the developement board, so I started searching for a cheap ARM developement board.
First I searched in the local electronic markets in Pune, but I was able to find only two shops in Pune where there boards are available (Rajiv electronics and Sadashiv electronics). I enquired in these shops, but I was not able to find any boards which were cheaper than INR ₹2500(around $57) and I did not feel it is worth buying those boards. So I deced to get MINI ARM7 KIT - LPC 2148 from NSK electronics, Bangalore which is available for INR ₹1500 online. There is option for buying online, but I bought it directly from their shop when I visited Bangalore last week.

The kit consists of the following items
  1. Development Board (Mother board and LPC2148 attached on daughter board)
  2. Rs232 Port Cable
  3. CD containing Phuilips Flash Utility, Data sheets, Example Porograms from Keil, and Keil3 Evalution
  4. 20 Burg Connecter wires
  5. USB Port Cable
There is no seperate power supply, but the USB cable can be used as power supply.
Board contains
  1. Detatchable daughter boards with 12MHz crystal and burg pins for accessing ports
  2. Two serial port connectors 
  3. Four LEDs for testing
  4. Three push button switches
  5. Option to add/solder ICs for CAN(CAN transceivers are not included in kit)
  6. USB Host port etc
Setting up the board was very easy, Connect the serial port to computer, install and open the Philips Flash Utility(download v2.2.3 here), and set the options as shown in screenshot below.

Even though the quality of the board is not up to the mark(one out of four LEDs did not work when I tried the LED blink code), this will be a cheap and good option to start with.

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  1. Hmmm, even I am in looking in the market for an cheap ARM 7 kit. I am based in Bangalore and your blog has just made me life easy.