Listen to Malayalam online radios on Android mobile using Winamp

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Winamp widget playing Marconi Malayali radio

When I was using my old E50 mobile, I have tried a lot to stream malayalam radio channels on that mobile. But the streaming capabilities of the mobile was not that good. But now that I have an android mobile, it is very easy.

It is very easy to stream malayalam channels on android using the android version of popular mp3 player Winamp (Winamp for android). It is not necessary to download additional softwares. Just go to the "SHOUTcast" menu of Winamp and search for the channel and just type Malaylam.
Just the keyword malayalm resulted in the following channels

  • radiojoyalukkas malayalam
  • Kerala Malabar Islamic Radio
  • Al Islah Radio - Malayalam Islamic
  • Marconi Malayalam
  • PsalmsRadio - Malayalm
  • - 24/7 Malayalam Mobile Radio
  • NadamRadio - Malayalam
  • Ganamradio - Malayalam
  • - Malayalam
  • - Radio Mango 91.9 Calicut Malayalam
  • - Live Malayalam 
  • Coloursindia - Malayalam News & Music

Channels can be added to Favorite stations list for easy access. Streaming can of these channels work on GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wifi etc. But while using 3G/GPRS for streaming make sure that you have subscribed to unlimited data limit for your scheme is enough for streaming. Otherwise the operator might charge huge amount for the data transfer happening while streaming these online radio channels.

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