Tamil online internet radio player list

Here is my list of tamil radio stations with embedded player and links to the stations. Select the button to start playing the corresponding station. You can copy the link in the second column and play the staion with windows media player. Some staions will take some time to start playing depending on the connection speed. If is not playing then, the staion might be offline.

Shayam Radio - Tamilhttp://www.shyamradio.com/shyam.asx
Hello fmhttp://tuner1.dc1.sonixtream.com/solon/media/plg/PLGTest.aspx?a=hellofm&f=HELLOFMMAIN
Kalasam FMhttp://www.kalasam.com/live.asx
City FMhttp://
Suryan FMhttp://
Tamil Flash FMhttp://tamilsflashfm.com/wmp.asx
Radio Gokulnathhttp://radio.gokulnath.com:8000
Mudhal FMhttp://
Hi 2 FMhttp://www.lankasri.fm/tunes/windows/lankasri128.asx
Geetham FMhttp://www.geethamradio.com:8020/lofi.mp3
ROSI Maduraihttp://
NJ Tamilhttp://www.njtamil.com/listen48.asx
Thozha FMhttp://
Ungal Choice FMhttp://
Global Tamil Radiohttp://
Tamil Sweet FMhttp://
Naga FMhttp://
Merina FMhttp://trttamil.relay-network.com:8024
Tamil root FMhttp://tamilmelisai.com/live/listenhi/listenhi.asx
A9 Radiohttp://
DJSiran FMhttp://listen.radionomy.com/djsiran-tamil-fm
German Tamil Radiohttp://www.germantamilradio.de/fm/live_radio/win.m3u
Norway Tamil Aruvihttp://
Jei FM-Malasyahttp://jeifm.com/radio/index.asx
Geethavaani Canadahttp://www.geethavaani.com/live1.asf
Canadian Multicultural Radiohttp://cmrtamil.com/fm.php?id=3
Sooriyan FM SriLankahttp://
Lanka Sri FM Radiohttp://www.lankasri.fm/tunes/windows/lankasri128.asx
Taalam FM - Sri Lankamms://live.wtrfm.com/thaalamfm
Vettri FM - Sri Lankahttp://vettrifm.net:8140
Shakthi FM - Sri Lankahttp://www.priyan.ca/players/WindowsMedia.asx
TBC UKhttp://
TBC UKhttp://tbcradio.serverroom.us:7038/
GTBC Londonhttp://
London Tamil radio1http://wma2.viastreaming.net/londontamilradio
London Tamil radio2http://
IBC Tamil UKhttp://
London BBC Tamil Osaihttp://http-ws.bbc.co.uk.edgesuite.net/asx.esi?tamil/tx/nb/tam1545.wma
BBC Seithi Arikkaihttp://http-ws.bbc.co.uk.edgesuite.net/asx.esi?tamil/tx/nb/tamil_news.wma
TRT Tamil Relay - Francehttp://trttamil.relay-network.com:8024
Singapore Olihttp://
Tamil Star FMhttp://
Tamil Star FMhttp://
S4Radio - Tamilhttp://
NJ TAMIL Radiohttp://
Tamil Radio ARRahman Tamil Songshttp://
You can write comments if it is necessary to make any updations to the list of stations.


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