Make Cheap PIC programmer than buy costlier one from market

Here I am working with PIC μC(microcontroller) from microchip. PIC micro controllers are very interesting. They supports In Circuit Serial Programming(ICSP), so it can be programmed using a serial programmer. This makes it easy for the design and construction of Programming hardwares. The PIC 16F84 will the choice for all beginers in the PIC because of its simplicity.
You can find a lot articles and projects using 16F84 in the internet.

Programmer Hardware
JDM programmer can be used for burning the code as well as data on to the chip. It is very small and simple circuit, it does not even need a power supply and can be constructed on a common board. I also supports a large number of PIC micro controllers and other devices like I2C EEPROM, flash card etc. The image shown below is a snap of the JDM Programmer I constructed on a common board.

JDM Programmer constructed on common board
Programmer Software 
The best programmer for JDM is ICPROG but in Windows you need to set the I/O as Windows API and install the driver. It may cause some problems and you may get the device write failed. In this case you can use Pony Prog Programmer.

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