Costruct your own very cheap laptop cooler stand from recycled materials

I was using my desktop PC for long time and recently I bought a netbook(dell inspiron mini10) for the purpose for general browsing and reading. Before buying I read in review that netbooks comes without a fan and there is a chances of it getting hotter if we are using it for long time. But I liked the design and thought I will be using my desktop most of the time and netbook will be used while travelling or only for reading. So I bought the netbook.

But last month my desktop had a complaint and because of which I started using netbook for longer duration. Then I discovered that it is getting hotter when I am using it for longer duration.

So I dedided to buy a laptop cooler stand. Then I thought why cant I construct one instead of buying from market ? So I have collected some materials and constructed a cooler stand.

Here is a list of things I have used.
  1. A DC motor from a toy (found from scrap market)
  2. A fan(probably from a toy, found from scrap market)
  3. Set of grills made from small metal rods (taken from my old computer table, used to fix motor)
  4. Plastic packing box parts (used as stand for laptop)
  5. An old nokia mobile charger for powering the cooler stand.
  6. Wires and adapter for connecting charger to the motor.
Now construction is very simple
  1. Solder the wires to the motor
  2. Attach the motor to the grill and then attach the fan to the motor
  3. Place the grill between the packing boxes, make sure that there is enough space above fan so that it does not touch the laptop base
  4. Connect the mobile charger to the motor
Now plug the charger and start using the laptop cooler stand.

Note: There is a risk of motor/mobile charger to burn out if the power ratings of the motor and charger does not matches. Try it at your own risk.

These the picture of the laptop cooler stand which I have made.


  1. Wow that is cute. It looks great and a very unique style of laptop cooler. Just realize now that there's a lot of things you could do with scrap. Thanks for posting this up. Keep inventing more like this.

  2. There are also coolers which act as mats which absorb the heat away from the laptop.