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I have already written post on how to read Malayalam or Tamil in mobile using Opera Mini. But I gets lot of request for reading Malayalam/Tamil on mobile using UC browser. Like Opera mini, UC browser is one of the popular web browser for mobile phone and also supports many types of mobiles like
Right now there are no options in UC browser to read Malayalam without installing the Malayalam/Tamil fonts on mobile. If your phone supports installing Unicode fonts or any font install hacks(which are not safe for your mobile) are available for your mobile then you can install Malayalam fonts and start browsing.
But don't worry you can still install opera mini version 4 or later, then configure it for bitmap fonts to read Malayalam.


  • In java version 9.0 and above(now 9.4), UC browser started adding bitmap fonts for other languages like Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hindi, and Bengali also. All you have to do is to activate Menu>Settings>Advanced>Bitmap Font. Hopefully they will extent this to other languages including Malayalam, Tamil etc 
  • Configuring bit map font in UC Browser for Java
    Bit map font option in UC Browser for Java
  • There are mods(modified versions) available in different languages, however there are only translated versions and still need fonts installed to work.

UC Browser Promo in YouTube

Screenshots of UC Browser

V9.4 Home screen
v9.4 Welcome screen
V mini8.8 Welcome screen
V mini8.8 Home screen

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