TATA DOCOMO 2G + 3G Modem = Cheap n good internet connection

Some 5 years broadband Internet was not available to everyone, even Internet cafes internet speed will be 128kbps or 512kbps. But now things have changed. Now we can have internet connections of speeds in Mbps even in home. But still it in outskirts of cities in India, it is very difficult to get a reliable broadband connection.

I lives in Pune, India and in my area(Yerwada) there is no wired broadband connections available. (a local provider ICC Internet was available before with pathetic service, but they stoped service in this area) After waiting for long time(in years) I came to know that a service provider called Tikona has started their services which is available in my locality also. So I took the connection, but still condition is very bad. The signal strength will not be good most of the time and since they use shared bandwidth, the connection will be very very slow during peak time.

Recently after releasing of 3g modem I took a BSNL modem. Again there is problem. Signal strengh is not very good here so speed is not up to the mark(almost equivalent to 2G). Also the 3G data charges are very high. This time I came to know about TATA DOCOMO, so I thought to give it a try. This time was lucky, not because I got a broadband connection but because the 2G data charges. They have the cheapest 2G data charges(I guess). Listed below is some of the data recharges from TATA DOCOMO web site.

TATA DOCOMO 2G(GPRS) data plans

Now I got an idea. Use Tikona to download big files with good speeds during the off peak hours and use TATA DOCOMO for general during the peak hours. Still there is one problem with TATA DOCOMO GPRS. It is also slow during peak hours. But this limitation can be removed by using a 3G modem and connect using a 3G network. In this case we will be having a 3G connection, but the operator will be capping the bandwidth speed to that of 2G. Still we will be able to use internet at full 2G speed which will be enough for general browsing, blogging, checking mail etc.


  1. it is giving me 4200 kbps downloadng(total 4.2mbps) speed,i m not joking...

  2. I want to avail the R 95-4 GB plan of docomo.My fone doesnt support GPRS.Can i buy a 2G data card of docomo?how much will it cost?How are you using docomo with bsnl 3G modem?please explain.

  3. If your phone does not supports GPRS/3G then you need to buy a data card and if you are going to buy a new data card, the better buy one which does not comes with the provider(eg:- micromax 3g cards). The advantage is you can use any service proveders' sim cards. but you may not get any offers which comes with docomo provided data card.