Ecosphere - Best gift for science enthusiast or an environment lover

Echosphere - Source:
I always dreamed of a garden designed as a self sustaining ecosystem, but never had the time or opportunity to make one. Recently I stumbled on this amazing product Ecosphere - a complete self sustaining ecosystem in a closed glass sphere. The sphere contains active micro-organisms, small shrimp, algae and bacteria, each existing in filtered sea water.
This will be the best gift to give as pet, or piece of art, decorative items etc. But one drawback I felt on the actual product compared to impression I felt from the term "self sustaining" is, the shrimps in this will not last forever becaus they do not repopulate.

Anyway it is still a wonder to me as this do not need any maintanace and only necessary thing is indirect light source either sunlight or artificial light.

Followin websites you can find more information about ecosphere

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