Improve Android mobile battery life with a simple techneque

When I bought an android mobile, most irritating thing which I found was the battery life. I have tried lot of applications to increase the battery life. Most of those applictions were scheculing applications which switches on/off the power modules. There were some applications which contains a task manger also which will kill applications running in the backgound. Another technique was to underclock the mobile when it is in idle mode(needs to be a rooted phone).

Most of these cases will be somewhat difficult for someone who is not so familiar in gadgets. What I have noticed is, main reason for the battery running out of juice is due to the mobile data connection. If we are enabling and disabling the mobile data connection whenever required, then it is going to make a lot of difference(it helped me to improve battery life by around 4-6times). Disabling mobile data does not just means disabling of background data. But nobody wants to always go to the settings menu and disable or enable mobile dat frequently.

In this case we can use some simple application which provides a widget to enable and disable the mobile data. Toggle Data Widget, Data Enabler Widget are two application which I found while searching on android market which are free.

How to use ?
After installing these application,  go to the home screen and do long press. Now a menu will appear. From the menu select widget. Now another menu will popup, from this menu seleect the app name which was installed. Now it will appear in the home screen as a button. Click it to enable/disable data whenever necessary.

Another option is to add the power widget to enable/disble WiFi, GPS.

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