Single exe perl interpreter - perl-static.exe

Perl is a widely used scripting language. It is one of my favourate language, because it helps me to do lot of time consuming tasks in less than a few seconds. The regular expressions feature in perl and the shorcuts helps me to write scripts quickly. It is even possible to write script for some purpose in few minutes which might take hours or days to do with C-programming language. I uses perl for automating and processing while I do coding in embedded C.

Getting perl is very easy, we can get the package for windows, linux, mac etc from the website install. Or we can the source code from download page and compile it.

One problem with the binary packages available from perl download page is, it contains lot of modules and the perl.exe itself cannot be used to run(actual perl will be present in a dll). That is we should have the entire package to run the perl. So I thought of getting a perl interpreter which is available in a single exe.

So I got the source code for perl from the download page and found there is an option build static-perl which when compiled will give an exe file called perl-static.exe. This perl exe file can be used standalone and contains the libraries also.

You can download a copy of the perl-static which I have compiled using perl version 5.10

Screenshot of perl-static.exe version

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  1. Thank the gods.
    All the dependencies and DLLs
    and strawberry driving me insane.