Construct your own MMC/SD card adapter for microcontroller interfacing

Once I was trying to interface my old microSD card with an Atmel Atmega8 controller. First I thought of using a SD/MMC card adapter and solder the wires to the adapter. But I felt like I will not be able use the adapter for some other purpose and I will have to solder the wires again, if I want to interface another SD card. So I decided to get a SD card socket which can be attached to my circuit.But I found it difficult to get the socket in the local market, and those available in the online markets were very costly. So I constructed my own SD card socket/adapter for my circuit.

These are the items which I have used for construction.
  1. Pieces of general purpose boards
  2. Pieces of plastic
  3. Pins taken from the IC socket (Used as contacts)
  4. Glue
  5. Burg stick
Shown below are pics of what I have made
Adapter with SD card inserteed

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