Solved my problem using memory card on mobile (Pantech Burst)

Micro SD
I had an 8Gb micro SD card which I was using with my old mobile phone to keep all my personal data. It was working without any problem and was good.
However when I tried to use this micro SD card with my new Pantech Burst mobile phone, it started giving message that SD card is damaged. Then I checked it with my PC, old mobile and it was working. Now I am little confused an checked again with Pantech Burst and it showed again SD card damaged and asked me to try formatting the card.
So I took the backup of the card, and then choose format from the phone. However after formatting also, it gave the same error. Now I thought it is because of the card incompatibility with phone. But when I put the  card back to PC, I found it formatted.

Now how does the card got formatted, if it is not compatible to my phone? I did some research and found the problem.

  • SD cards are not like ordinary flash drive.
  • They have options to encrypt and many other stuff compared to flash drive.
  • In-order to properly format a [micro] SD card special utility "SD Formatter" is necessary.
  • Some times the cheap SD cards will be corrupted and causes problem while read/write.
"The SD Formatter was created specifically for memory cards using the SD/SDHC/SDXC standards. It is strongly recommended to use the SD Formatter instead of formatting utilities provided with operating systems that format various types of storage media. Using generic formatting utilities may result in less than optimal performance for your memory cards."

Now these are the magic steps which made my micro SD card working with my mobile phone.
  1. Used this utility to check whether SD card contains any error and fix it.
  2. Formatted SD card with "SD Formatter".
And now my phone has no complaint :-)

SD card test in progerss (flash drive can be tested too)
SD Card formatter

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