Removed AT&T bloatwars from my Pantech burst android mobile after rooting

I recently received my new Pantech Burst P9070 mobile ordered from ebay. I was very much impressed with its performance, but later found the built in AT&T apps very annoying. Though there is an option to hide the apps, it still remained in the ROM. Some cases those apps will be running in the background and consuming some of the precious energy from battery.

So I decided to remove those apps from my Pantech Burst. Since the applications were in ROM, first necessary this is to get the phone rooted. I followed the instructions in this forum.

After rooting, Sysetm ROM Toolbox(which did not show all apps) can be used to remove the system apps(AT&T apps present in ROM) or use ES File Explorer to manually remove.

  1. Open ES File explorer and select settings
  2. Open menu Root settings
  3. Check all the options
  4. Now come back to the explorer, if the options are selected on a rooted phone, then press up till root folder
  5. Now go to /sysem/app folder where all system(ROM) apps are seen
  6. Long press the apps to be deleted and select the delete option to remove the app. Some apps has odex files also, which can also be deleted
If you are familiar with linux, then it is also possible to use adb. adb files can be download from this forum, which is actually for rooting. But using shell, it is possible to list the /system/bin directory and delete(before that /system has to be remounted as read-write).

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