Read Hindi webpages on mobile phone using Opera Mini

In my previous posts, I have written how to do opera mini settings for Malayalam and Tamil(however both settings are same). To make it easy for those who are searching to view settings for Hindi, I am creating this new post. As mentioned in my old posts this will work for all complex script Indian and other languages also.
Rendering of page without configuration

In-order to read, we have to enable a special menu on the Opera Mini browser by typing "config:" in the address bar of Opera Mini and click "Go".

Opening config page
This will open a configuration menu as shown in the screen shot below. Here we will be able to change lot of settings like feedindex, linklists folding, loading time etc. In this menu there will be an entry called "Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts". By default this setting will be disabled. Now change the setting to Yes and click Save.

 Scroll down to find the option "Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts"
Changing the setting

Save settings

What exactly happens ? 
Usually while processing a web page for mobile phones in opera mini servers, text will be sent as normal text and font information. So the actual rendering of the font happens in the mobile. This method causes comparitively less bandwidth. After the change in the setting, Opera Mini server will render the text at server itself, then convert it to bitmap images and then send to phone. So the phone will display correct text.

Hindi page rendered after setting
This method works for other languages other than Hindi also. So have good time reading an article in your local language using mobile while you are on move.

Note: Enabling this option will result in higher data rate. For example, site size is 91KB with this setting and it was only 28KB before enabling the setting.
If you are upgrading Opera mini to a higher version, then this setting has to be done again.

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