Ameya-yokocho Market (Ameyoko), Ueno-Okachimachi, Tokyo, Japan

Ameya-yokocho Market[Ameyoko] is a very busy market in Ueno-Okachimachi. Here you can find any thing for shopping. Some of the items are Jewels, Precious Stones, Gems, Perls, Fashion items, Leather products, Clothes, Spices, Cereals, Green tea, Fish/Sea food, restaurants, food stalls etc etc the list goes on.

These are some pictures which I took during my visit to this market on 10th October 2010.

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Ameya Yokocho or briefly known as Ameyoko is a bustle market street paralleling Yamanote Line tracks between Okachimachi and Ueno Station. Shops, restaurants, outdoor food stalls or what the local called as 'Yatai' are practically operating from sunrise till dark takes over under a stretch of concrete train tracks.

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This is one of the best Asian Bazaars, here you will find a little bit of everything, and much of it at bargain basement prices, once a black market, it has become one of Tokyo’s most vibrant places with a huge array of food, clothing, jewellery, toys and cosmetics. you can buy anything from the latest pair of jeans to seaweed or pickled octopus tentacles.

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Ameyoko is a busy market street along the Yamanote line tracks between Okachimachi and Ueno Station, the site of a black market after World War Two.
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 Ameyoko, located in the area between Ueno and Okachimachi, is a busy bazaar-style market. It has hundreds of stalls for about 400 meters alongside and under the elevated track that runs between JR Okachimachi Station and JR Ueno Station. Ameyoko is famous for its unique atmosphere - jam packed stores, buyers bargaining and negotiating with the sellers, and vendors out-shouting each other at the top of their lungs to attract buyers.

Okachimachi is the biggest and most famous permanent open-air market in Tokyo(pics). From Louis Vuitton bags and Gucci belts to Yakitori meals on the street, anything can be found.

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Ameyoko Market in Tokyo

Ameyoko Market

Ameya Yokocho: An Amazing Shopping District in Tokyo!

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