Use download manager on firefox.

W4APBTHK5T3E One of the nice features of the firefox browser is that we can install lot of plugins which come with cool features. These plugins are called as addons. For knowing more about addons and for browsing from 100s of firefox addons, go to tools menu in firefox and then select addons. In the addons window click the link in the left bottom called "Get Extensions".

DownloadThemAll is one of the addon which which will replace the download manager. Is a good download manager which has all the features of a full fledged download manager. It will work work with the same network settings as that of the firefox browser. So if you have configured proxy on browser, you need not have to configure it for the download manager separately. Only drawback of this is that, it does not downloads torrents.

Snap Shot of DownloadThenAll!

This will of great use for those who uses linux in which there will be problems installing right software packages and lack of user friendliness. These addons can be used on almost all OS where firefox is available. I'm using this as download manager on my Ubuntu amd64.

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