Malayalam Internet Radio

Here are some of the internet radios available for Malayalam. These links can be played using media pla players which suppports streaming media playback (Most of the players supports streaming)

Radio Joy Alukas ==>
Marconi Malyalam FM ==>;stream
SPace For Radio FM ==>
World to world Radio FM ==> mms://
Masti FM ==>
Desi Radio FM ==>
Mallu Radio ==>
Kerala Radio ==>
RadioGrapes FM ==>
Mallu Tribe ==>
Malayali Radio ==> mms://
RadioTeenTaal - Paris ==>
Radio mirchi 98.3 FM ==>
SBS FM - Hindi ==>
Radio XL - UK ==>
ApnaRadio - USA ==>
DesiSoundz - India ==>
BombayBeats FM ==>
Radio mska ==>
Deccan Radio Online ==>
Bombay Beats FM ==>
Houston ki Jaan US FM ==> mms://
Apana Radio Punjabi FM ==>
Radio Mirchi Mumbai FM ==> mms://
Radio Brisvaani Brisbane FM ==> mms://
DhoomFM NewJersey FM ==>
Taal FM Port Louis Mauritius FM ==>
Masala 101 FM - Canada FM ==> mms://
Malayali FM ==>

Firefox playing radio using Totem Gstream Pligin

Totem player playing dumdumradio

All of these channels comes with player. So if you are not able to play this on windows, then you can download the players from the corresponding Websites. In linux these will be played by Totem Movie Player(Others players cah also play) provided you have the codecs installed. In Ubuntu, if you are having an internet connection then the these codecs will be automatically installed.
Mallus who are outside Kerala can enjoy malayalam songs and programs with the help of these internet radio stations.

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