Canon MP280 - Scanning at resolution 1200 dpi

Recently, while trying to scan some of my coins using Canon MP287, I noticed that all the windows applications like Scan app, Windows fax and scan and even in import option of Adobe photoshop, there is no option to select a scan resolution higher than 600 dpi.
Though 600 dpi is good enough to scan photos, for some of my coins which measured few millimeters, this is not enough.
From the specification of MP287, it is clear that it supports 1200 x 2400 dpi. So, I should be able to scan at 1200 dpi. After searching a lot, I found the answer.
The 1200 dpi option will be available only from the scan dialog of the driver - ScanGear.
For this
  • update the drivers to latest version from the Canon support page.
  • download and install Canon MP Navigator EX(appropriate to windows version) from support page

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