Running Google Cloud Messaging(GCM) XMPP server using python

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Have you tried Running Google Cloud Messaging(GCM) XMPP Cloud Connection Server (CCS) using Python and disappointed?
Some days before, I was reading about some project about using pushover service and pebble along with Raspberry Pi to notify on a doorbell project. Idea of push notifications impressed me and I decided to try it out. However, the famous pushover service used for this purpose was not a free.
While searching for alternate services to send push notifications, I stumbled upon the android developers guide about GCM. So, I thought of using it on my raspberry Pi based hobby projects.
After finishing the android application, I started with server side and chose the XMPP since the upstream messages can be used for sending commands to Pi from android application. However, the Python sample code failed to run due to missing xmpp module. I thought the module must be a part of google's python sdk for cloud. However, the xmpp module from sdk did not even had client class used in the sample.
Then I thought of trying other libraries. sleekxmpp did not work too and later the xmpppy module give me successful result. So, the point is google is using the xmpppy for xmpp in the sample but it is not documented. Maybe it is known to may programmers with good experience progroamming in Python and these kind of libraries. I am writing it here so that if anyone else who is searching could benifit.
So, go ahead install xmpppy module and successfully run the python gcm xmpp server.

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