Raspberry Pi 2 on sale!!

Today, I was searching for some electronic stuff on the Internet and stumbled upon this webpage of Raspberry Pi2 and later understood I happen to reach the site just when it was published.
I am very much impressed with the new design and surprised to know that even Microsoft supports it with the windows 10(Windows On Devices) for free(for those who Joins the Windows for their IoT Development program).
Though Microsoft supports it. I think this is their step to capture a share in the new market of Internet of Things like all giants are trying now. I am not sure yet how much it will be beneficial for the Open community.
Anyways, raspberry will still continue to grow as one of the first choice for enthusiasts and small business category of people due to it price $35. Old models are still available for the same price.
I have a Model B board which I use for some automation of fish tank and door bell now. 
For me and this is the easiest option to do an embedded project because I am more comfortable with the programming part. Using a microcontroller will consume a lot of time for the initialization kind of stuff. Same project which can be made with Pi in an hour will take a week to do using a conventional microcontroller. Moreover, if we want to use WiFi/Ethernet connectivity it will cost further more time and money.
Below attached a video from the release page.

BCM2836 silicon bringup from Raspberry Pi Foundation on Vimeo.

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