Fluid width for facebook comment box

A page layout, which stretches or shrinks to fill the browser window according to its size, is called, fluid layout. Advantage the view will adjust according to the size of the screen, ie page will adjust itself to browser used in different devices like mobile, tablet, desktop etc.
Usually, blog templates has fixed widths for most of the fields. But those who are using fluid layout may want the facebook comment box to be fluid too. Or those who does not know the width to be set can also try fluid width as it will fill the container. In blogger, filling the container will be nothing but taking the width of the side bar or body where the widget is placed.

Facebook comment box

If you are generating the comment box, just enter 100% in the Width field.

If you dont want to generate, then it is also possible to just edit the existing code and change the part.
'data-width' to 100%

data-numposts="5" data-colorscheme="light"> This is documented in facebook developer page from where we generate the code for comment box.
The width of the plugin. Either a pixel value or the literal 100% for fluid width. The mobile version of the Comments plugin ignores the width parameter, and instead has a fluid width of 100%.

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